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hmm the last time I posted here it was lets see... July. yeah that's it. July. doesn't look like i'm keeping up with this thing very well does it? oh well

to be honest I likely won't be keeping up at all with it in the future either. but that's alright I guess. I have other outlets. you can reach me on Facebook or comment on my YouTube Channel. I get automatic e-mils for that.

maybe I'll at least try and Embed my videos more frequently.

take care all!


ok so I haven't updated in a while. at least not an actual update. I posted a few videos not to long ago and that will continue. I can't say that I will be changing my posting habits here any time soon but I would like to tell you that I am aware of the problem and that is the first step in changing it. right?

I will howeever, when I add a video or whatnot, try and add some more information so it's not just forwarding my youtube videos. hopefully you can get a bit more information when I do upload things, and will thus be more informed, and hopefully entertained.

I suppose I should update you all, at least a little. I am of course going to Radford University when school is in. related to that however is more recent news in that I am moving in to a house just off-campus with 4 of my friends and it's going to be EPIC! the definition of epic here is in flux so I cannot elaborate.

Also related is that I have met and fallen in love with (I know, I know, *gag*) the girl of my dreams and she has fallen in love with me as well, for which I am grateful. who knows maybe in the future I will elaborate on our relationship and some of my thoughts and fears on the subject, but don't hold your breath.

This Summer I will be taking part in the filming of a movie called Haze with an actual production company who's name I have heard but never took the time to actually learn. SRP productions perhaps? I think it will be done and playing film festivals 2011. I'm sure I will, at the very least make a (or many) video(s) about it and will inevitably post them here as well, if not make specific postings about it. But at any rate I am looking forward to the process and I certainly hope it does well and gives me the kind of exposure I want and need as a professional actor.

anyway I hope you are sufficiently caught up with me, but you probably are not. so please comment and ask those burnign questions i know you want to.


hello all.

After my glasses broke, literally, two minutes before I left for prom, I yhave been without any. and that was, what? two weeks ago? anyway, I have new ones now. They are unlike any glasses I have ever worn before. I needed a change. I mean I'm going off to college in the fall and I'd like to have somewhat re-invented myself by then. I could post pictures but I think I'll wait until everyone posts their nebraska photos.

I finally saw Once today. I liked it. the music was great and the characters were well defined. The plot was thin to non-existent, but that was clearly not the point of the movie. It was more about music, and the relationships that can arise between complete strangers and the effect those relationships have. I did like the lack of a "Hollywood" ending.

I haven't packed a single thing yet and it's three in the morning the day before we leave. maybe I'll just forge through the night packing, then go to bed really early the night before so I can be up in time to get ready before I have to go to the airport.

well that's it for now.


yeah I graduated wednesday and I didn't update, so what? yes it was exciting. yes I'm glad to be done with highschool and LB. no All night grad wasn't as fun as I'd hoped, but that was mostly my fault, oh, and that Fucking full-house. yes I will miss LBT.

today I saw Hamlet at the Washington Shakespeare theatre. It was good. I likes aspects of our interpretation better and aspects of theirs. It was kind of interesting to watch a play I knew so well done by professionals. I've seen professional productions of plays I've been in before, but I didn't know them all that well. in Midsummer, for instance, I was only in a few scenes and had no lines. but Hamlet I was in about half the scenes and had studied it under the knowing,and capable tutelage of William McCabe. Knowing it so well alowed me to concentrate less on following the story, and more on individual aspects of the play, it's interpretation, and individual characterizations. I won't go into WHAT i actually thought here, but if you call or IM me I would be more than willing to discuss it with you.

and I got some news from CIT. After much confusion and several e-mails I recieved THIS e-amil.

Hi Matt--

I hate to have to make you work for the summer, so ok, you're in! :-) You are definitely in, and are all set. With the host meeting we are just assigning families, etc, so if your dad can make it to help with the selection that would be great, if not, I can just assign 2 for you all. I will let you know for sure of the date when we know it.

Meg Baber

YEAH! so I know what I'm doing this summer.


two exams down, like, three to go! I'm done with english and spanish.

I'm kinda sad about english. I loved having Mr. McCabe. sometimes he could seem kind of gruff and uncarring but ultimately he cared about every one of his students. at the end of the class he read us a poem that he read a letter to us that he wrote, it was so nice. Then he read the poem he read to us on the very first day of class and said "You may not pass this class if you don't give the instructor a hug on your way out" and everyone did. Well I'll see him agin tomorrow for film study.

Spanish I'm really happy about, the teacher was nice (and a UNL grad to boot) but I really din't like the subject. I may have failed the final but I should still pass the class. of course I can't quite say that I'm done because I seem to have misplaced my textbook so I have to either find it or pay $45.

tomorrow I take the Film study final and have my last Art class.

it's been a long several years and it's almost over. Almost time for the next chapter in my life, COLLEGE!


I saw Pirates 3 today.

I'm not going to discuss it here but if you havent seen it yet, be sure to stay till after the credits, there is a little something extra. If you have seen it and you didn't stay, well, if you see it again stay till the end.


congratulations to Cameron!!

and all the other nominees deserved to win.


today I started getting aches in my lower back, which is not a good sign. especialy considering my recent medical troubles. ordinarily I would have suffered through the day but I didn't want to take the chance that my infection might be coming back so I went home early.

I went to the doctor and they really didn't do anything but take a urine sample (which came back completely normal) and give me some IV fluids. I have anactual appointment with my doctor tomorrow and I won't be coming to school.

my Family was hoping to go to New York this weekend but now that's not going to happen. And it's all my fault. not really.

see y'all later.


I did go to the Film Festival. They showed one of my movies, it was the Five Minute film Nathan and I made earlier in the year. I didn't realize the movie was THAT funny until I heard a theatre full of people Laughing at all the right places. but of course it was somewhat marred by the fact that partway into it the fire alarm went off and we all had to leave for a little while.

They didn't show the one we've been working so hard on more recently because frankly it was crap. I think it could have been, Not crap if we'de had time to actually finish it, but with Hamlet, and all sorts of technical difficulties, and so on it just couldn't be done.

The vast majority that were shown seemed to be of extremely high quality, especially considering that this is highschool. Unfortunately people kept ruining it by walking in and out of the doors at the top of the house (which flooded the house with light) and through the ones that go directly outside (which flooded the house with light and blinded everyone)

I Enjoyed myself but I felt tired and somewhat week when I got back so I think I'll sit tomorrow out and get some more rest because I don't want to know what happens if I go through an entire school day.


Yeah, I'm home from the hospital, and I feel good.

no IVs, no constant taking of my blood pressure, no hospital food . . . life's pretty good right now

I will be home today so if you want to come by and visit (Nathan we need to practice) you can. Kate Knott was the only one to vistit me in the hospital( though to be fair there wasn't all that much time) and she gave me the cutes beenie babie, like, ever. I just hope no one shows up at there looking for me now that i'm gone, only to find that I've already left. I don't know if I'll be in school tomorrow though, My dad want's me to stay home, but I feel good enough that I don't see why it would be a problem.

I'm going to end my update there. If you have any questions/well-wishes/screw-yous, call me(703-764-0460), e-mail me <purple_snow2000@yahoo.com>, IM me (timsbro2000), whatever.

hey, maybe I can convince my familly to let me swing by the film festival this afternoon.


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