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April 2010
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timsbro2000 [userpic]

ok so I haven't updated in a while. at least not an actual update. I posted a few videos not to long ago and that will continue. I can't say that I will be changing my posting habits here any time soon but I would like to tell you that I am aware of the problem and that is the first step in changing it. right?

I will howeever, when I add a video or whatnot, try and add some more information so it's not just forwarding my youtube videos. hopefully you can get a bit more information when I do upload things, and will thus be more informed, and hopefully entertained.

I suppose I should update you all, at least a little. I am of course going to Radford University when school is in. related to that however is more recent news in that I am moving in to a house just off-campus with 4 of my friends and it's going to be EPIC! the definition of epic here is in flux so I cannot elaborate.

Also related is that I have met and fallen in love with (I know, I know, *gag*) the girl of my dreams and she has fallen in love with me as well, for which I am grateful. who knows maybe in the future I will elaborate on our relationship and some of my thoughts and fears on the subject, but don't hold your breath.

This Summer I will be taking part in the filming of a movie called Haze with an actual production company who's name I have heard but never took the time to actually learn. SRP productions perhaps? I think it will be done and playing film festivals 2011. I'm sure I will, at the very least make a (or many) video(s) about it and will inevitably post them here as well, if not make specific postings about it. But at any rate I am looking forward to the process and I certainly hope it does well and gives me the kind of exposure I want and need as a professional actor.

anyway I hope you are sufficiently caught up with me, but you probably are not. so please comment and ask those burnign questions i know you want to.