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April 2010
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timsbro2000 [userpic]

two exams down, like, three to go! I'm done with english and spanish.

I'm kinda sad about english. I loved having Mr. McCabe. sometimes he could seem kind of gruff and uncarring but ultimately he cared about every one of his students. at the end of the class he read us a poem that he read a letter to us that he wrote, it was so nice. Then he read the poem he read to us on the very first day of class and said "You may not pass this class if you don't give the instructor a hug on your way out" and everyone did. Well I'll see him agin tomorrow for film study.

Spanish I'm really happy about, the teacher was nice (and a UNL grad to boot) but I really din't like the subject. I may have failed the final but I should still pass the class. of course I can't quite say that I'm done because I seem to have misplaced my textbook so I have to either find it or pay $45.

tomorrow I take the Film study final and have my last Art class.

it's been a long several years and it's almost over. Almost time for the next chapter in my life, COLLEGE!