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April 2010
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timsbro2000 [userpic]

yeah I graduated wednesday and I didn't update, so what? yes it was exciting. yes I'm glad to be done with highschool and LB. no All night grad wasn't as fun as I'd hoped, but that was mostly my fault, oh, and that Fucking full-house. yes I will miss LBT.

today I saw Hamlet at the Washington Shakespeare theatre. It was good. I likes aspects of our interpretation better and aspects of theirs. It was kind of interesting to watch a play I knew so well done by professionals. I've seen professional productions of plays I've been in before, but I didn't know them all that well. in Midsummer, for instance, I was only in a few scenes and had no lines. but Hamlet I was in about half the scenes and had studied it under the knowing,and capable tutelage of William McCabe. Knowing it so well alowed me to concentrate less on following the story, and more on individual aspects of the play, it's interpretation, and individual characterizations. I won't go into WHAT i actually thought here, but if you call or IM me I would be more than willing to discuss it with you.

and I got some news from CIT. After much confusion and several e-mails I recieved THIS e-amil.

Hi Matt--

I hate to have to make you work for the summer, so ok, you're in! :-) You are definitely in, and are all set. With the host meeting we are just assigning families, etc, so if your dad can make it to help with the selection that would be great, if not, I can just assign 2 for you all. I will let you know for sure of the date when we know it.

Meg Baber

YEAH! so I know what I'm doing this summer.