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'sup y'all?

not much

17 March
RentHead, Actor

8bc, absolute, acting, adventure, anarchy, antonioni, any passing fad, anyone in the mainstream?, anything taboo, apathy, beans, bertolucci, bisexuals, boring locations, boyscouts, buddha, cage, carcinogens, carmina burana, causing a commotion, cheese, chinese yo-yo, chiropractors, choice, compassion, creation, cross dressers, cunningham, curry vindaloo, dance, danger, darkrooms, days of inspiration, devotion, diabolo, dildos, dykes, dylan, eating, eating disorders, ecstasy, egos, emotion, empathy, entropy, faggots, fashion, feeling, film, food of love, forcing changes, fruits, german wine, gertrude stein, ginsberg, going against the grain, going insane, going mad, hallucinogens, harmony, hating convention, hating pretention, heavy competition, hollywood, homo sapiens, huevos rancheros, isolation, juggling, justice, kurosawa, la vie boheme, langston hughes, leather, lenny bruce, lezzies, loving tension, magic, making noise, making pleas, marijuana, masochism, mathematics, maya angelou, men, money, more than one dimention, mucho masturbation, muscle spasm, music, no absolutes, no family, no pension, no shame, pablo neruda, pain, passion when it's new, peace, pee wee herman, perfect faces, perfection, pizza, playing hookey, poi, power, revolution, rhytm, rice, risk, s&m, screaming for solutions, short-careers, sleaze, sondheim, sontag, starving for attention, tedium, television, the need to communicate, the need to express, the opposite of war, the sex pistols, the stage, the village voice, theatre, to me, trisexuals, turpentine, uta, vacation, vaclav havel, yoga, yogurt, you