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April 2010
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timsbro2000 [userpic]

Yeah, I'm home from the hospital, and I feel good.

no IVs, no constant taking of my blood pressure, no hospital food . . . life's pretty good right now

I will be home today so if you want to come by and visit (Nathan we need to practice) you can. Kate Knott was the only one to vistit me in the hospital( though to be fair there wasn't all that much time) and she gave me the cutes beenie babie, like, ever. I just hope no one shows up at there looking for me now that i'm gone, only to find that I've already left. I don't know if I'll be in school tomorrow though, My dad want's me to stay home, but I feel good enough that I don't see why it would be a problem.

I'm going to end my update there. If you have any questions/well-wishes/screw-yous, call me(703-764-0460), e-mail me <purple_snow2000@yahoo.com>, IM me (timsbro2000), whatever.

hey, maybe I can convince my familly to let me swing by the film festival this afternoon.



Yayyyyy! Judging by the you-and-Nathan-rehearsing-thing, you'll be well enough to do the awards show then? We were kinda freaking out about the opening. If you need a script in hand, I'm sure that'd be fine with Mirabal, considering.

Annnnnd we haven't blocked it yet and probably won't until Q2Q noon Saturday just because no one's ever in class anymore with AP tests and stuff.

get off the damn computer and rest!

glad to hear you're ok though<3

Welcome home. Now don't overdo it 'Kay? Cause, we all know the internet in the hospital...sucks. =^_^=