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April 2010
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timsbro2000 [userpic]

I did go to the Film Festival. They showed one of my movies, it was the Five Minute film Nathan and I made earlier in the year. I didn't realize the movie was THAT funny until I heard a theatre full of people Laughing at all the right places. but of course it was somewhat marred by the fact that partway into it the fire alarm went off and we all had to leave for a little while.

They didn't show the one we've been working so hard on more recently because frankly it was crap. I think it could have been, Not crap if we'de had time to actually finish it, but with Hamlet, and all sorts of technical difficulties, and so on it just couldn't be done.

The vast majority that were shown seemed to be of extremely high quality, especially considering that this is highschool. Unfortunately people kept ruining it by walking in and out of the doors at the top of the house (which flooded the house with light) and through the ones that go directly outside (which flooded the house with light and blinded everyone)

I Enjoyed myself but I felt tired and somewhat week when I got back so I think I'll sit tomorrow out and get some more rest because I don't want to know what happens if I go through an entire school day.



Didn't I tell you not to strain yourself? I could have SWORN I did.

So, glad your film got shown and lurved. =^_^=