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Wait! What was that? Viewing 10 - 20 NEXT!!!

"But I thought you hated him."

since the news broke about Mirabal not a few people have said this.

well love and hate really aren't that far apart. Don't you hate your parents sometimes? but you still love them right? well that's what Mirabal is to us. he's raised us each. as we've gone through his program we've had tough times but we remember the good. he's shared our interests and our pet peeves, and we've shared his.

he continues to keep in touch with his alumni like a parent does when Their children go off on their own. If anything happens to them he's devastated, and now something is happening to him and we're devastated.


we bitch and we moan, but as much as we complain About Mirabal he doesn't deserv0e thisCollapse )

this is complete and utter Bullshit!


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Oh man! I would seriously consider taking a year off of college just to do this.Collapse )


well the beard was too full, I expected as much. I've trimmed it but it's still probably too full. I may just have to give him a new one every night. god, he'd hate me. but then right now most people hate me at least a little. Hopefully that will clear up after things smooth out.

And dammit! I didn't give those boys permission to leave, so they shouldn't have.

There were of course problems, but all in all it was a pretty good first full dress rehearsal.

And an amusing quote from my father: "I try to be politically correct . . . But I'm no good at it."


Well I made Nathan's beard. It is clearly a Colonel Sanders beard, which should go well with his costume. It wasn't exactly what I was going for but it's what came out. If Mirabal says it has to change I can try but I really don't know. It's kind of cool though, it form fits to his face.

well that's that. we start makeup tomorrow,

Come see Hamlet

May 3 @ 7:30
May 4 @ 8:00
May 5 @ 2:00 and 7:00


well today and tomorrow My family is gone so if a few people wanted to come over and hang out it'd be fine, My parents are ok with it as long as no parties erupt. but first I'm going to go see Pan's Labarynth tonight at University Mall Theatres. I haven't seen it yet and I'm so excited. it stats at 9:35 and I don't know when it ends so don't come before I'm home.

Q2Q was . . . Q2Q. I'll let other people praise, complain, or simply comment about that.


man this is scary stuff, no? I'm gald to hear everyone I know is ok, but it's so tragic.

I tried to turn in a purchase order today but the lady wouldn't take it because Mirabal is over $800 dollars in the hole. that should be easily recouped from ticket sales but she won't take any more purchase orders from Mirabal until she hears from him.


If you care about equality you might want to read this.


It seems to be that progress is being made even among the fundamental Christian Right. it's happening slowly but it's an encouraging sign. The last line of the article imparticular gives me hope.


Well it looks like I am NOT going to be attending Nebraska next year.

I was accepted to the school but after Auditioning for the Acting emphasis part of the theatre school I was not accepted. I didn't panic though I e-mailed the school hoping that maybe I could re-audition. While it is technically allowed they only have one scheduled audition date left and the director of the theatre school said it probably wouldn't do me any good.

I could minor in theatre, I could major in design, because that doesn't require an Audition or interview, or I could major in something else and audition for the plays, but I decided a while ago that if I couldn't get an Acting amphasis I wouldn't go.

anyway at the moment Radfor is at the top of the list. And it's only a few minutes from VT.


just cause I want to stick this in

Click for more

Hope it works.


Wait! What was that? Viewing 10 - 20 NEXT!!!